Thailand Short Film Competition

Over one hundred film-makers from across the globe will have the opportunity to fly to Thailand and make a short film.

Thailand Short Film Competition 2019 is an official event, sponsored by the Thailand Film Office and the Department of Tourism.  This year’s theme is « Living Eco Living Thainess. »

Starting on 25th March 2019, the chosen filmmakers from across the world will gather in Thailand and prepare for the challenge of their lives. Over the next six days, they will spread across Thailand in 20 teams and each make a short film. They must find the subject; actors or interviewees, take on all the technical roles, and edit the film to a deadline on 31st March 2019.

The competing teams will be provided with return flights, four nights accommodation, a budget of 30,000 Thai Baht (approx USD 1,000), and professional production support.  Each team will comprise two film-makers, who will be challenged to see who has the imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity to be able to research, travel, and make a film in a new and unfamiliar country in a limited time.

This will be a fine opportunity for the participating teams to meet film-makers from across the world, to share ideas and learn from the different cultures, and to visit the extraordinary Kingdom of Thailand.

Also, the winning films will receive prizes totaling 430,000 Thai Baht (approx USD 13,400.)

Here’s how you can win!!!

1. Applicants must apply in team of two (Non Thai).
2. Applicants must be currently studying film or a related field at undergraduate or equivalent level.
3. Applicants must not be more than 35 years old.
4. Applicants must not have won any prizes in our competition in any previous year.
5. Applicants must have a valid passport with six months remaining from the arrival date.
6. Applicants must not have a criminal record and must not have ever previously been dinied entry to Thailand
7. Applicants should be ready to make a great film and explore Thailand for a once in a life time experience.
8. All contestants must be in good physical health, and have no existing or recurring serious medical conditions.
9. All contestants will supply their own camera and editing equipment capable of filming at 1080p 24fps with audio.
10. AFTER SELECTION ANNOUCEMENT – All the “ 20 selected teams ” must do “ PR PLAN “ on social medias and must send us the plan within 10 MARCH 2019. If you couldn’t send it on time your team will be disqualified and there will be another substitute team chosen for replacement.
11. On the  » PR PLAN  » must hashtag #TSCF2019 when you post anything about Thailand short film competition 2019 on social medias.
*****All contestants are required to have basic English communications skills. Your applications and creative concepts must demonstrate these abilities.*****
if you meet these requirements please prepare documents below
1. Completed Application Form
2. Resume/ Profile of both team members.
3. Passport copied of both team members.
4. A written treatment for your concept of the film you want to make « FULL SCRIPT NOT REQUIRES AT THIS STAGE » (Font CORDIA NEW 18, Save as PDF)
5. A link to a YouTube clip, where you introduce your team to the judges and explain why your team should be selected to join this competition. (Introduce and Showreel, Max 2 minutes)
6. A copy of your Student ID, or letter from your college/ university (with your signature), showing that you are currently engaged in a course of study related to film, television, or other media-related subject. (MUST BE IN ENGLISH)
7. Current photo of both members. (Straight photo for badge)
Please prepare these documents and join us!
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